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Banning Liebscher, Director of Jesus Culture


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Shawn Bolz, Pastor of Expression58


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  • You have a purpose

    God has placed us here with a purpose. Everyone--including you--has a distinct purpose and calling. We've built tools that will help you find that purpose and begin to fulfill your calling. Learn More

  • It's in your design

    Your internal design, your gifts and passions and calling – the stuff at your core that makes you tick. It’s how God made you, how you are wired. When you get that, you’ll get the secret to your destiny. Learn More

  • We have the key

    Destiny Finder is a unique, practical and proven tool for discovering purpose, and crystalizing God's call on your life. Destiny Finder has been used all over the world for over 20 years. Now the Destiny Finder program has been made available as an online interactive tool. Get ready to accelerate into your destiny. Learn More


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Destiny Finder isn't an app or a program, it is a system for discovering and understanding your gifts. Because everyone is unique, we know that a web app can't do it all. So we've built a suite of tools and a team of people to help you discover your destiny -- online AND offline.

  • $14.95

    The Profiler has five surveys that produce a "profile" of your spiritual and motivational gifts; core traits; personal interaction style; ministry focus; leadership style; the area of society you're called to impact, and much more.

  • $49.99 $60.00

    This is a live coaching session with a certified and experience coach via phone, in-person or video SKYPE. It’s similar to life coaching and can accelerate your progress on your journey. Just one session can save you a lot of frustration.

  • $99.95 $159.90

    The Profiler-Coaching Combo includes the Destiny Profiler with five surveys, two hours of Destiny Coaching, and the Destiny Essentials eBook. (Total retail price $159.90). Get all three for only $99.95!

  • $14.95

    This 220+ page paperback by Michael Brodeur lays the biblical and theoretical foundation for an understanding of God's plan to expand His kingdom through personal destiny discovery and fulfillment.