Coaching Description

Destiny Finder Provides the Coach

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What is Destiny Coaching?

We offer destiny coaching, similar to life coaching, that is extremely valuable. This is a telephone or Skype session with a real person. One session with a coach might save you a year of frustration.

  • Coaches work with individuals to help them get the most out of the materials and move as quickly as possible into their destiny. They review the person’s profile, identifying key points obstacles, providing reflection and referral for areas beyond expertise, prescribe growth goals, study goals, ministry development, etc.
  • Our coaches are life coaches, pastors, ministry school leaders and students and other ministry leaders trained by our staff to use the Destiny Finder products to guide people in discovering and fulfilling their destiny. .
  • Although the term coach is used in many ways, we define it this way: A coach draws out of you and may not be an expert in the specific area you are interested in. A coach helps you more with decision making and removing obstacles.
  • A mentor pours into you and is usually an expert in the field you are studying or involved with. A mentor helps you with more with mastering the skills and particulars in the job/field/service/ministry opportunity you’re in. For example, if you wanted to be a worship leader, a mentor would be someone who had experience in worship and music. A coach might not know much about music, but would help you with the process of decision making and accessing resources. You will find a mentor in the Activator module (in development)
  • Coaches are accessible by telephone, with flexible hours.
  • A typical hour session consists of 15 min prep and follow up and 45 min coaching.

Why Do I Need a Coach?

People that really want to accomplish something, whether it’s in sports or business or acting or anything really, engage a coach to help them perform the best they can. It’s common now to engage a life coach to help you.

The Destiny Profiler produces a customized profile that has a lot of information and there’s even more in the Destiny Planner module (in development). We STRONGLY recommend that you work with one of our destiny coaches to interpret these results and develop a customized plan to launch you into your destiny.

Coaching is Available Anytime

You can set up time with a coach on a fee-per-hour basis at any time, even before you’ve purchased any of our products. A little guidance can save you enormous amounts of frustration and wasted effort later in life.

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You Provide the Coach - Destiny Finder Coach Certification

Have Your Own Coach View Member's Assessment Reports

We have coaching available by phone and onsite. BUT...your church or group can have your own coaches that can work with your members. This new feature enables your coaches to view the online assessment reports of the people they are coaching. This is a great new feature that will complement the Destiny Finder Church Program. Members will have to consent to work with a coach and give the coach access to their assessment reports. Coaches will need to complete a Destiny Finder Coach Certification Program.

Destiny Finder Coach Certification Program

Our Coaching Director Jeff Wittmer works with churches and groups that want to have their own people designated as coaches to work with their members. The program prepares coaches to use the Destiny Finder material in coaching others. Coach candidates are expected to have extensive pastoral, life coach, counseling, group leadership or business management experience of some kind, and to have gone through one of our workshops, and have completed the Profiler assessments. The program is 20 hours: 12 hours teaching and 8 hours practicum.

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This type of coaching is not life coaching, psychological counseling or psychotherapy, although some of our coaches in fact may be life coaches or counselors. The coaching interactions may uncover serious problems and issues in the client’s life. The coach and Destiny Finder are not responsible for stress or harm resulting from the discovery of psychological issues. In the case that serious problems and/or issues are uncovered, clients are asked and/or referred to seek help from a licensed professional counselor or psychotherapist.