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What is destiny?

Great question! We believe that every Christian's destiny is ultimately to be in heaven, but that while you're here on earth, you have specific things to accomplish for the kingdom of God. You were created by God for this purpose, and gifted and "wired" in such a way to be able to fulfill the calling He has for you. And to enjoy it along the way! We believe that you find your destiny at the intersection of your gifting, your passion and God's direction and timing. See About Destiny.

How can you tell my destiny from one survey?

The Free Survey is only 10 questions but we and others have found it amazingly accurate. It is based on what we believe is the foundational set of spiritual gifts listed in the Bible. But it's just to whet your appetite... after you take it, go on to the Profiler. It's got five surveys that will give you a much more comprehensive picture of yourself and how to discover your destiny. You can also see the articles in our Resources section, which is available once you have created a free account (which you need to do in order to take the Free Survey or purchase anything) and signed in.

How can I talk to a coach?

You can sign up for telephone coaching with one of our experienced destiny coaches on a paid per-hour basis. For more information or to sign up for coaching, visit the Coaching product page.

Who are the coaches?

Our destiny coaches have extensive experience in providing guidance to people as life coaches, teachers, pastors and ministry leaders.

Can someone from my church be a coach?

We have a program to train and certify your coach to use the Destiny Finder materials. And we have a feature that enables a coach to view the Profiler reports of the people being coached (with their consent of course).

What's the difference between a coach and a mentor?

Although the term coach is used in many ways, we define it this way: A coach draws out of you and may not be an expert in the specific area you are interested in. A coach helps you more with decision making and removing obstacles.

A mentor pours into you and is usually an expert in the field you are studying or involved with. A mentor helps you with more with mastering the skills and particulars in the job/field/service/ministry opportunity you're in. For example, if you wanted to be a worship leader, a mentor would be someone who had experience in worship and music. A coach might not know much about music, but would help you with the process of decision making and accessing resources.

Why do you charge for these products and services?

We charge just like anyone else does for products and services. We are offering valuable information, products and services that have taken years to develop. It's taken several years of intensive effort by a team of people including artists and web programmers to create this website and the online tools we offer. You don't expect to buy the latest book from you favorite author for free.

Please note that the actual price of the Profiler (equal to one or two movie tickets) is extremely low compared to its actual value. And the coaching is well below what you'd pay for most life coaching or counseling. In exchange you are getting real help in one of the most important or perhaps the most important aspect of your life -- your life purpose. We offer a money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with our products or services, please email us for a full refund.

Can I go back to a survey I didn't finish?

No, you need to finish the survey you're working on in one session. If you close the window or log off or shut down your computer while doing a survey, you will need to start over. The system does save your choices and you would get results based on those choices but it will not let you leave and then come back and continue where you were.

How do I get my results?

You can view the assessment/survey results online when you sign in to your account - click the "Report" button. You can also print out the results of the assessments/surveys using the Print button in your browser window.

Can my church or group purchase the Profiler in bulk?

We have a bulk purchase program to enable churches or groups to obtain quantity discounts on the Destiny Profiler. See the Church Programs page for more information or go to the Profiler product page.

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