How It Works

1. Buy the Destiny Profiler

Use PayPal or your credit card to purchase the Profiler and get instant access to the online surveys.

Quantity Discount
Get a quantity discount on the Profiler online assessments tool for your church or group.

  • 2-9 - 10% off
  • 10-49 - 20% off
  • 50 or more - 30% off

You must use a credit card, not PayPal, to make a bulk purchase. Go to the Buy the Profiler page and select Credit Card and in the Payment section, enter the quantity desired and the rest of the required info. Once the purchase is made, you will receive an email with the discount code that you can distribute as you wish. When the number of codes used to obtain the Profiler reaches the maximum quantity purchased, the code will expire and you will receive an email notifying you of the expiration.

2. Complete the five Profiler assessments/surveys

Do the fun and easy surveys on your mobile phone, tablet or computer (Mac or PC). They are fun and easy with simple questions that anyone can answer, and take about 10-20 minutes each.

3. Get an instant report from each survey

Each survey report has personalized results that are packed with insights. Together they form a destiny “profile” of your core traits, gifts, passions, strengths and more that points toward your destiny.

4. Go deeper, go faster...

See the Store or the Church Programs page for more information on the following products and services.

  • Coaching
  • the Destiny Finder Workshop
  • the Destiny Finder Small Group
  • the Destiny Finder Church Program
  • the Destiny Finder Book
  • Pastor's Coach (church assessment and consulting)

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