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20 Seconds of Insane Courage

Written By Jeff Wittmer

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When faced with a new challenge, I often reflect back on a movie I enjoyed starring Matt Damon — We Bought a Zoo. My favorite scene involved a brief dialogue between Matt and his estranged teenage son. Matt was trying to make a point and to encourage his boy to reach out to a cute, young girl he befriended and made this comment: “Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage — 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery and I promise you something great will come of it.”

I have shared these words with many of my life coaching clients when they were hesitant to push past the hurdle of fear in pursuit of their dreams or goals. I have also heard wonderful testimonies of those who took the risk, and in “Twenty seconds of insane courage” experienced a destiny pursuit breakthrough.

What is holding YOU back today? If your dream is a “snapshot” of a more preferable future waiting for you, do you often find yourself stalling in moving toward it?

Maybe you’ve heard the story of training baby elephants. When they are still small, a strong rope is tied around their necks and attached to a secure pole in the ground. The baby elephant naturally tries to walk away and is stopped by the rope. They pull and push and twist and turn and eventually figure out that they just aren’t strong enough to break free of their shackles, so they stop resisting and just stay where they are.

The same thing happens over and over until eventually, when the rope is put over their heads, they no longer pull and push and try to break free because they know it is futile. That is why in captivity you can walk by a circus and see giant elephants standing passively with a rope tied around their necks that isn’t attached to anything at all.

The elephant becomes so accustomed to being held back by the rope, conditioned by their pain, that merely the rope itself keeps the animal in check. If only they knew how powerful they really are. If only they realized that by the time they have grown up, even a rope “secured” to a pole can no longer contain them. Then they would know what true freedom is. But they don’t.

In our destiny pursuit, there are numerous factors that can disrupt our journey, but they fall into two general categories: external and internal.

The external factors are the detours and difficulties that exist in the world around us. The internal factors, on the other hand, are the inner fears, wounds and weaknesses that cause us to be vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks.

These are the things Jesus is referring to when He says, “I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me”(John 14: 30). Here, Jesus is saying two things: The enemy wanted to trip Him up, but he had no access points in Jesus’ life. He carried no FEAR in His heart.

Do you find it difficult to take risks in life — especially the kind that grow out of immediate emotion and involve vulnerability? We often find it difficult to suspend thought and take a chance. Like me, maybe you think things through too much, lose spontaneity and send possibilities into a black hole of obscurity or unknown space.

Is FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real that paralyzes you in your tracks, or do you Face Everything And Rejoice because you have just targeted your next breakthrough?

I believe some of the greatest moments of our lives begin with just 20 seconds of insane courage. In that amount of time you can change your life, the lives of those around you, and possibly the world.

Miracles happen when you move forward, when we move out to meet them. We must learn to trust, to move in faith, and to discover divine favor. Moses didn’t need the miracle of parting the Red Sea until he was at the sea. With the enemy in hot pursuit and hemmed in by mountains, He needed 20 Seconds of Insane Courage to split open the Red Sea!

Consider the Man with withered hand. While standing in a crowd of gawkers, Jesus commanded him to stretch out his lame limb before him. Risking shame and embarrassment, all he needed was 20 seconds of Insane Courage!

What story will YOU be telling because you took the risk?

5 Steps Every Person Needs to Make to Fulfill Their Dreams

Written By Michael Brodeur

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Although every person’s personal journey of destiny discovery will be different from anyone else’s, I would like to share with you five universal principles that apply to each of us.

You Must Be Born Again

They say that the “journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” By far, the most important single step in discovering your personal destiny is to receive Jesus as your Savior and Lord. Jesus makes a profound statement in John: “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the Kingdom of God.” In other words, our personal commitment to Jesus is preliminary to everything else that God has to give us.

Intimacy: Abide in Me and I in You

The second step in the journey to destiny is to begin to build a personal relationship with Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit. In this process, there are no shortcuts or substitutes. Relationships take time and intention, and relationship with God is no exception. We need to seek His face, hear His voice, study His word, and grow in grace. Only then will we begin to fully discover who we are in Christ and who He is in us.

We are invited to connect with God in such a depth of intimacy and intensity that we become carriers of His presence and conveyors of His power. God loves you and wants to partner with you in every area of life. God wants to train you to discern His will, to express the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and to “do greater things” than Jesus did because He has gone to be with the Father. God wants to use you to bring blessing and transformation to the world around you, and all this flows out of relationship.

Interdependency: We Are Members of One Another

The next step in the journey to destiny is found in community. We live in a very individualistic culture, and unfortunately some of these attitudes have made their way into the Church. We celebrate the lone ranger and the “self-made man,” but ultimately we can never truly know ourselves apart from community, and we can never fully discover and fulfill our destinies apart from community. We need one another. We best understand who we are in the context of family: the Body of Christ.

Our interdependency is not optional; it is a part of the very fabric of our relationship with Jesus. We come to Christ as individuals, but our life in Christ is in community. Just as each of us has an individual destiny, we also have a united destiny. And in order for us to walk in our personal mission, we need to remember that we are part of a much bigger mission, which we have come to call the Great Commission.

Intergenerational: We Need Mentors and Coaches

Another key to the journey of destiny is intergenerational partnership. Just as we need natural mothers and fathers to mature in life, we need spiritual mothers and fathers to mature in destiny. We live in an orphaned world that is driven by an orphaned spirit. Yet God promised that in the “last days He would send the spirit of Elijah and turn the hearts of the fathers to the children and children to the fathers.” This work of restoration is revolutionizing our relationship with our heavenly Father and is also uniting us deeply with spiritual fathers and mothers. God is removing the orphaned spirit by blessing us with anointed pastors, teachers, mentors, and coaches to guide us as we fulfill His purpose on the earth.

God is all-sufficient and certainly has everything we need to become all that He has called us to be. Yet in His wisdom, He has determined that His various resources and spiritual nutrients would flow through different sources. Certain nutrients come only through personal experience with God. Some resources come only through His written word. And still some will come only through anointed leaders. To fulfill our callings in the Lord, we need to align ourselves with godly mentors who can guide us on our journey to destiny.

Intentionality: We Need a Clear Destination

Think of your dreams and destiny as a destination on a map. Once you have determined your destination, you need to map your journey within the framework of limited resources: time, energy, money, etc.

The apostle Paul said, “Do you not know that those who run in a race all run, but one receives the prize? Run in such a way that you may obtain it (1 Corinthians 9:24). We all need to set godly goals and share them with our friends and mentors. We need to place our destinies above every other pleasure, pursuit, and purpose. And we need to press on to apprehend that for which Christ apprehended us.

There is a purpose for why you have been created. It says in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord “plans to prosper you and not to harm you. plans to give you hope and a future”. Our heart for is to help you find out what your God given destiny is, and give you tools and a road map to help you along your journey of fulfillment. We want to walk alongside you as you discover your identity, the power of community, your scope of responsibility, and your God-given authority in the Lord.

Precious treasure lives inside of you and the hearts of those around you. May this site be a stepping-stone on your incredible adventure to freedom, wholeness, passion, and purpose.

Get Moving

Written By Michael Brodeur

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Get Moving!

By Michael Brodeur

Identify Your Destination

God has created you for an amazing, fun, fulfilling purpose - you've got things to accomplish for the Kingdom while you are here on planet Earth. But on our journey we all encounter roadblocks. Here are some keys to dealing with one of the most important problems that slow us down in our pursuit of God's call on our lives - an unclear goal and lack of vision.

For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live]. Ephesians 2:10 Amplified Bible

But how can you do those good works - accomplish the SPECIFIC things He has planned beforehand for you, unless you know what they are? Look at your gifts and your passions - what you are good at and what you love to do? Start to pinpoint what you want to do.

Clarify Your Goal

As they say, if you aim at nothing, you're bound to hit it. If you don't have a clear target to shoot at, if you are vague and fuzzy about where you are trying to go, you will end up going in circles. If we were going on an extended road trip to a new location, most of us would use a GPS to make certain we were headed in the right direction. As long as we have a faithful guiding system, we can be confident that we will get to our intended destination. In the same way, we need a reliable “GPS” to guide us on our destiny journey—something that will help us pinpoint our destination and navigate the roads of life.

In matters of destiny, that GPS is vision. You must have a vision in order to find and fulfill God’s destiny in your life. A vision is a picture, or blueprint, of what God wants to do in the future. Vision has the power to help us order our lives and determine the best use of our time, energy, and resources. Vision empowers us to endure hardship and lay hold of the reward. Proverbs 29:18 declares that where there is no vision, or people perish. They wander off in every direction. Vision keeps us on track through the distractions and disappointments. Ultimately, all true vision comes from God, who sees the end from the beginning and works all things according to the counsel of His will. God is the source of vision. If we want vision, the key is to build an intimate relationship with Him and learn to hear His voice. Then, as we see our future through His eyes, we will be able to identify His vision for us, and we can set our GPS to God’s specific purpose for our lives.

Get Unstuck

The Father wants you to partner with Him in the family business - reaching a lost world. He has SPECIFIC things for you to do (Ephesians 2:10 - see above). What's in your heart to do for Him? God has placed those desires in your heart. So the first step is to write down those desires, those dreams:

Do you want to work with teenage girls in the inner city?

Do you want to be a graphic artist and create amazing digital imagery that will speak to people all over the world?

Do you have a dream to plant churches in France?

Have you always wanted to start a restaurant that serves awesome food and is a hub for people to hangout at?

Do you want to become a surgeon and bring healing to people?

Do you want to be a youth pastor in New York City and impact the emerging urban generation? …

What do you want to do for the Kingdom? Draw them out, write them down, get practical. God has given you gifts and passions for a reason. They point to your destiny. Don't worry! If you get taken a wrong turn along the way, God will work it out. But too many people let fear of failure keep them from ever trying. Better to start your journey and make some mistakes but actually get somewhere than to stay put and never go anywhere. If you don't identify a goal and start moving towards it, you won’t get anywhere. Pray... and put feet on your prayers. He is working in you, energizing and creating in you the power and desire both to will and to work for His good pleasure and satisfaction and delight. (Philippians. 2:13 Amplified Bible)

Daydreaming: Not A Waste Of Time

Written By Michael Brodeur

“Never let it be said that dreaming is a waste of one’s time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams we plant the seeds of our future” -unknown

Many believer’s present their desires and dreams to God in a self-sacrificing manner in their attempt to “surrender it all.” When really, their selfless approach abandons God’s desire for their life and nullifies the fact that God is the father of the dreams within them.

In order for us to endure the various challenges and changes that come as we discover and fulfill our callings, destiny has to be something we want — something that is pressing and urgent in our hearts; it cannot merely be a task we feel compelled to do. For this reason, God hardwires our destiny into our hearts in the form of dreams and desires that propel us in the right direction.

Abraham was already fairly accomplished when God first called him. He had flocks, herds and servants — but he did not have a son. When God told him to leave his country and his father’s house, the man didn’t know exactly where he was headed, and God made it clear to him that He wasn’t going to tell him.

Instead, He said, “I’m going to bring you somewhere you have never been, and I am going to give you a son. Through your seed, all the nations of the earth will be blessed.”

God gave him the seed of a dream very early on, but He didn’t give him the capacity to fulfill that dream on his own. This propelled Abraham into a season of testing. He had to learn how to live in the tension of an unfulfilled promise, which is quite possibly where some of you are right now.

After 25 years, the dream finally came to pass. His wife conceived, even though she was past age, and they gave birth to a son.

In Abraham’s story, we see God planting a passion inside a man; He gave him a promise, deep in his soul, and that promise ended up becoming a star in his life that guided him to a place of destiny and fulfillment. It was by the DREAM God gave Abraham that pushed him forward.

Passion will come and go, but a vision, a dream from God, is what will sustain us through the trials.

The word dream has two meanings. Obviously, it can apply to what happens while we sleep. But the word dream also refers to our imagination — to the daydreams of our hearts.

Jesus would often begin a parable by saying, “Behold!” which basically means, “Imagine this!” So in Scripture, Jesus instructs people to use their imaginations. It is my firm belief that God has given us the imagination so that we are able to envision what He desires to do in us and through us.

Although your dreams and desires are not necessarily a precise indicator of destiny, they are a great “approximate” starting point in the discovery process. As your dreams are identified and combined with a clear understanding of your spiritual gifts, you have a great foundation for moving forward.

It’s allowing yourself to dream big that starts the journey to something amazing.

Exercise: Take a few minutes today just to spend some quite time with God. Ask Him to show you the dreams He has for you. Write everything down all the way from the smallest thing, to the most outrageous. Then ask God how you can partner with Him today in seeing those dreams start to come to pass tomorrow.

New Year, New Skin, New Stuff

Written By Glen Reed

It's Live! We've just launched a new "skin" or look for our homepage. Check out the awesome new "badges" for each ministry gift/ destiny orientation type, done by Michael's oldest son, Aaron Brodeur. He's an incredible artist, and amazing web guy too who has done the front end programming for the new version.

In the last six months we've added the ability to get a group discount on the Profiler by making a bulk purchase - get up to 30% off. And we've added the capability to assign coaches who can access the assessment results of people they are coaching. Read about these in the Church Programs section.

We are rolling out a small group program that we've been piloting at Jesus Culture in Sacramento. It's been great - even Christians who are ministry veterans are being revitalized in their calling and are moving forward with greater intentionality to fulfill their destiny.

We are ramping up to take Destiny Finder to the next level and improve one of the most powerful destiny and discipleship tools available anywhere. Stay tuned for much more to come!

-- Glen

Three Keys to Embracing Your Originality

Written By Leslie Hernandez

God made us all unique; each of us with different experiences, perspectives, gift mixes and personalities. Not only are we uniquely designed, but we each have a unique call or purpose on our lives that we were created to fill. But many of us don't know how we’re wired and how that relates to our destiny.

Studies show that people who embrace authenticity are more likely to respond to difficulties with effective coping strategies, enjoying a strong sense of self-worth and purpose, a confidence in mastering challenges, and follow through in setting and pursing goals. God is interested in developing us first, not our vision; vision is a natural by-product of the process of us becoming fully us.

Deciding to pursue the fullness of who we are is not for the faint of heart. It’s a process, not a destination; one sometimes filled with difficulty, conflict, fear and delayed gratification. It’s a journey no one can take but us, and it’s the most rewarding of all pursuits. So where do we begin?

Tip 1. Find Out What God Says About You

There’s no better source for discovering the complexity of who we were created to be than the One who created us. Get alone with God. Ask Him what makes you unique; how does that play into the unique destiny He fashioned for you?

Tip 2. Fight the Good Fight

Insecurity and fear are the biggest enemies of our soul; constantly scheming and conniving to rob us of the revelation of who we are. Be aggressive about fighting lies, taking every thought captive and meditating on what God has said about you. Remember it’s a process, not a destination. Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace to grow in this.

Tip 3. Surround Yourself with Healthy Community

We were not created to be alone. Community gives us a safe place to practice being genuine, vulnerable, intimate and ultimately accountable in our walks with each other and the Lord. No one is going to develop our community for us but ourselves.

Invite people who are spiritually mature to speak into your life. Make yourself availableto those who aren’t where you’re at spiritually to pour into as well. This will help develop confidence and accountability in your journey to become more like Jesus.

Becoming fully actualized in your identity is what the enemy fears most. This road is paved with scare tactics and empty threats that feel and seem real. Be brave in your journey; take risks!

Surround yourself with those who challenge you to be and do more!!

Belief That Unlocks The Future

Written By Michael Brodeur

We all face the same obstacles and ask ourselves the same hard questions when going after our dreams.

  • Will there be enough money?
  • What if I fail?
  • How am I supposed to get there?
  • Is God really good?
  • Does He really have a plan and purpose for my life?
  • When we say negative things about ourselves and believe that we don’t have what it takes to succeed in life, we actually disempower ourselves in respect to our destiny.

    When we doubt that God will provide for our needs, we inadvertently work against God’s provision in our lives. When we question God’s commitment to defend and protect us, we set ourselves up for greater vulnerability. What we choose to believe directly affects what we receive. It is vital that we train ourselves to think only what God thinks and to say what God says. From this foundation, we are empowered to do what God does.

    So the real question is what are we going to choose to believe?
    We can choose to believe the fears that come up, the lies that the enemy throws us, the feelings inside of us that are screaming at the unknown, or we can choose to believe that God was actually telling us the truth when He said that He is able to do exceedingly above all we can ask or think.

    Character and personality strengths are key components in our ability to fulfill our destiny.So how do we start making choices today to build that character and personality we need for our destiny? Here are two practical steps that you can start implementing that if done everyday will move you toward that life that you’ve always been dreaming about.

    1Pick one area of your life, find out what God says about it, and begin to speak the truth over it everyday.

    2Take risks. Begin to retrain your thought life to what God says about you by stepping out like you actually believe it.

    Are We Making Ourselves Ready

    Written By Michael Brodeur

    In the 1977 sci-fi film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Richard Dreyfuss played a character who had an impression of a mountain placed in his mind by a UFO. One morning, we see him shaping a mountain with his shaving cream. At dinner, we see him heaping the mashed potatoes on his plate to form a mountain. Then we see him digging up his front yard and creating a mountain in his living room. He keeps building the mountain that has been imprinted in his mind. Then he turns on the TV and sees that same mountain; it is a moment of immense recognition because he finally sees what has been placed inside of him. We are a people who have been imprinted not with a mountain but with the kingdom of God. This kingdom has been placed inside of us, and it is our destiny to carry it throughout the earth. We've heard the saying: "getting married is not about finding the right person; it is about becoming the right person." In the context of destiny, the question becomes: how are we preparing ourselves to become carriers of kingdom?

    In the Book of Revelation, John writes,

    "Now I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away. Also there was no more sea. Then I, John, saw the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. And I heard a loud voice from heaven saying, ‘Behold, the tabernacle of God [is] with men, and He will dwell with them, and they shall be His people. God Himself will be with them [and be] their God. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes; there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying. There shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away.' Then He who sat on the throne said, ‘Behold, I make all things new.' And He said to me, ‘Write, for these words are true and faithful'" (Revelation 21:1-5).

    God Himself dwells within us. In verse 6, He continues, "'It is done! I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End. I will give of the fountain of the water of life freely to him who thirsts.'"

    Our destiny is the kingdom of God. Our destiny is not to get to heaven, sit on a chaise lounge, and be fed grapes by angels. We have an inheritance, a stepping into orientation with the Father and into His purposes and plans. We will inherit not only His name and dwelling place, but we will also inherit a part of His responsibility. The scripture says that we shall rule and reign with Him forever.

    So, are we making ourselves ready?

    How To Be A Destiny Rockstar

    Written By Michael Brodeur

    When I was a kid, growing up in a broken home in San Francisco, I had a crazy dream. I wanted to be one of the Beatles. I knew every song by heart and had seen their first movie, A Hard Days Night, a dozen times. Every day, while walking from our day care center to school, three friends and I would run out ahead of the other children, looking back over our shoulders, like the Beatles running from their screaming fans. Imagine my heartbreak when the band played their last concert in 1966 at Candlestick Park and I couldn’t go. My house was only six blocks away and I could hear the screams from my bedroom, but my mom was unwilling to let a 9 year-old boy go to the concert alone.

    In response to my dream, over the next ten years, I learned to play the guitar and started a couple of bands of my own. I fell in love with music. I love music theory, composition and performance. I love harmony, melody and the synergy of making music with other people. Although I never became a world class “Rock Star,” each of these experiences were steps in my “Destiny Journey” and each were significant lessons that shaped me into the leader I am today.

    The Quest for Significance

    One of the greatest driving forces in the human heart is the need for significance. This quest for significance is fueled by a deep need for meaning: Who am I? Why am I here? What is my purpose? The reason your heart yearns for meaning is that you were created by the God of purpose, to fulfill His purposes on the earth.

    Everything in the universe was formed to exist in perfect harmony with the One who made it. That is why our disobedience (what the Bible calls sin) is so horrific and harmful. Sin is an intentional or unintentional decision to operate in contradiction to the harmony of the universe—that is, contrary to God’s intended purpose. When we walk in disharmony with God, we create a myriad of problems. Jesus died and rose again to reset the musical key of the universe and bring us back into a place of harmony with His original composition. By retuning ourselves to key of Heaven, each one of us can play a part in God’s purpose in a way that brings honor and glory to Him, as well as grace and goodness to the others He created.

    In the great orchestra of God, we need to know we exist for a reason—that our lives matter and have meaning. God has given each of us gifts, talents and a unique melody that he has called us to play. God implanted this longing for destiny deep within each of us; it is at the root of all human desires and aspirations.

    Become a Destiny Rock Star

    Why was I so obsessed with the Beatles? As I have thought about this over the years, I have come to the conclusion that it was not about wanting the screaming fans, or the money, or the fame. For me, it was about the influence. Somehow, deep in my heart, I knew that I was called to be a world changer. The Beatles were changing the world.

    Although most of you will never become Grammy-winning rock stars, every one of you can be a “Destiny Rock Star,” by discovering and fulfilling the purpose for which God created you.

    Here are a few simple steps you can take to become the rock star that God created you to be.

    Get to know the Composer: Jesus is the “author and finisher” of all things and has written the music that wants you to play. As you study His Word and learn to hear His voice more effectively, you will be increasingly tuned to His purposes. Pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of HIM.

    Get in tune with your Band: Following Jesus is not a solo act. He created us to need one another and to be part of the Body of Christ. In order to discover and fulfill God’s purpose for your life, you must be part of a local fellowship and open your heart to great friends and mentors. Once you have come in tune with your God-given community, you will find the support and strength to fulfill your destiny.

    Play with all your Heart: God is looking for a person who will love Him with all their heart, mind, soul and strength: one hundred percent committed to Jesus and his purposes. As you grow in your personal knowledge of the Lord and as you grow in your connection with those that God has called you to “play” with, the next step is to go for it! Start jamming and see what God will do. May God bless you as you discover and fulfill God’s will for your life, and may you become the Destiny Rock Star that Jesus created you to be.

    "The Lord will bring you fully into your destiny." Psalm 138:8 (paraphrase)

    New Online Tools

    Written By Glen Reed

    Today Destiny Finder is excited to announce the launch of the Destiny Profiler, our new online discovery tool. We are also releasing our new blue-themed website and personalized Destiny Coaching! And there's more – we now providing the Friends 360 Survey as a part of the Free Trial Destiny Survey. It enables you to invite your friends to take the free survey about you! This option allows you gain valuable feedback from those that know you best. It's free, it's easy, it's way cool!

    What happened since the last launch?

    Michael Brodeur Speaking

    We launched the Destiny Finder website with the Free Trial Destiny Survey last August at the Jesus Culture Awakening conference in Chicago and we've gotten a great response. Over 2,300 people have taken the free survey and they love it! We have received some phenomenal feedback with one woman declaring that it totally changed her life! I said, "Well I know it's good, but I didn't know it was THAT good!" LOL Another friend of mine took it and she told me,

    "Before I read the results, I thought, 'how accurate can a 10 question survey be?' … It was amazing – it nailed me!"

    Alright, but what took Us so long to really get started?

    There have been many challenges to get to this point, but by the grace of God we have overcome them all. We believe the Destiny Finder tools and services are going to change the world by empowering believers to discover their unique design and fulfill their God-given destiny.

    I'm thankful for our great team: Michael and Diane Brodeur, Brian Heltsley, Tony Jenkins, Brandon Hansen, Daniel Vogler, Kevin Shorter, Lauren Stinton and others who have worked and helped and prayed. And thank you to our families who've supported us through this intense effort over the last two years.

    As Michael said at one point when we were facing huge challenges, "Changing the world ain't easy!" That's an understatement. But it's worth it! We are so excited to see how God is going to use to help thousands of you to discover your destiny and begin to impact the people whom God has called you to touch. Are you changing the world? We'll help you do it.

    We love your feedback!

    At Destiny Finder we highly value and appreciate your feedback. Especially in this time after just having launched our new website, we want you to send us any improvement ideas, thought or questions you might have.

    Are you excited about this new launch? Have you taken the free Destiny Survey yet? Let me know by emailing us at [email protected]

    New Mobile Responsive Website

    Written By Glen Reed

    We are officially launching the new version of the website. We’ve spent the last year rebuilding the site on a new modern Web platform (Ruby) to make it easier to develop new stuff going forward.

    It’s mobile-responsive

    We’ve made the website completely mobile responsive! That means it’s easy to view and use on your Mac OS or Android cell phone or tablet, as well as your Mac or Windows desktop computer. You don’t have to go crazy scrolling sideways because the text and images reorder, rearrange and resize themselves according to the size of the screen being used.

    You can even move the survey choices around with your finger on your phone – that’s quite a neat programming trick (way to go Izak!).

    Coaching staff gearing up

    Jeff Wittmer is heading up our coaching program. He’s got over 20 years experience in pastoral counseling and personal coaching and is certified by the Coach Training Alliance and the International Coach Federation.

    We are very excited about developing this aspect of Destiny Finder. Just as a coach working with an athlete can make all the difference in the athlete getting better or faster, a coach can help you make significant progress and move into your destiny faster. An hour spent with a coach might save you a year of frustration.

    Same great Profiler surveys

    The five Destiny Profiler surveys have been honed and sharpened up. They provide so much great information that is simply not available through any other type of product or service.

    The Destiny Survey offers some real “ah ha” moments in helping you understand how you are wired and designed to accomplish the purpose that God created you for.

    The other surveys provide lots of information. All of it combines to produce a powerful “profile” of your destiny – and it points the way that you are designed to go for God.

    There’s much more coming in the future.

    Jesus Culture and Bethel

    We are so grateful to our friends at Jesus Culture. They are plugging our website on Twitter and Facebook and many of you are probably reading this because we were mentioned in one of their tweets or on their Facebook page. You’ve probably heard some of their music. They are impacting the body of Christ and those outside the church all over the world with awesome worship music, conferences and leadership programs. Check them out at

    We are thankful for a great group of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry students out of Redding, California, who are interning with Michael Brodeur, our CEO. They have been working on Destiny Finder, some doing programming, some doing marketing, others helping with coaching. They all have helped with several Destiny Finder workshops that Michael has put on at various churches around the country.


    Let us know how you like our site by emailing us at [email protected] Also don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter and help us out by sharing this blog post.

    Created For Destiny

    Written By Michael Brodeur

    When we were babies, our sole purpose in life was to lay there, be cute, eat and poop. As we grew up, life then became about having fun, playing outside and getting as messy as we could. As we continued to mature, we started to think about our life and how there had to be more then just…living. We started asking ourselves questions like “What am I here for?” “Why was I born?” “What was I created to do?”

    For some people, the answers to these questions are what shaped our lives. We went on a journey toward careers that supported our passions and did the things that we dreamed about. For others, these questions were presented, quickly pondered, and forgotten about. Life became something that just happened without any real significance.

    Here’s the beauty of it all, despite what path we are on, God’s plan for our life is still the same. Each one of us has been wired for a specific destiny, and that doesn't go away with time, sin, or age. God’s destiny for our life stays the same, even into eternity.

    When God was creating the world, he looked over every step of the process, and declared that “It was good”. But when He made humanity, He declared that “It was VERY good.” The pinnacle and joy of His creation was us!

    27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. 28 God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground” (NIV).

    So Why Did God Make Us?

    1. Relationship: He is a loving Father who has no other agenda than to be with us and express His love to us.
    2. Partnership: As a loving Father God wants to include us in His purposes; He wants us to do what He is doing. He invites us to be a part of the “family business” and help perpetuate His loving leadership throughout the planet.
    3. Fruitfulness: He desires us to be fruitful and multiply in all areas of our lives. He wants to bless us abundantly and see us become fruitful on the earth.

    When we step into God’s purposes for our life, and function the way He designed us to, we can have dominion in every area of life and fulfill our Destiny in God!

    Delight Directed Discipleship

    Written By Michael Brodeur

    What did you want to be when you were growing up? What were your childhood aspirations? What did you dream about? Every destiny journey begins with the answers to those questions.

    As I look back over my life, so many of the things that I dreamed about and did in my early years foreshadowed God’s eventual call on me. From an early age, I sensed I had a purpose, and that sense of purpose was visible in my everyday choices and even in the little games I played with my friends.

    When I was a kid, growing up in San Francisco, I had a crazy dream. I wanted to be one of the Beatles. I knew every song by heart and had seen their first movie, A Hard Days Night, a dozen times. Every day, while walking from our day care center to school, three friends and I would run out ahead of the other children, looking back over our shoulders, like the Beatles running from their screaming fans. It was just a simple childhood daydream, but in a small way it reflected the destiny God put within me.

    Driven by the pursuit of purpose, I intensified my search for God inwardly and outwardly, and finally was radically converted to Christ in the 70s while hitch-hiking and living among the Blackfeet Indians in Montana. I soon began preaching the gospel on the streets in San Francisco and later became one of the founders of SOS Ministries, an evangelistic ministry that still sponsors outreaches in the Bay Area. I also planted a Vineyard church in San Francisco and eventually was overseeing 20+ Vineyard churches in Northern California

    After thirty-three years of pastoral ministry in San Francisco, I moved to Redding California with my wife and seven kids, and started on another dimension of my own personal destiny journey.

    During my years of ministry, I realized that discipleship wasn't as easy as it sounded. Although there were many good discipleship programs out there, they all tended to be either introspective, to controlling or too “cookie-cutter” in their approach. I also soon discovered that many of those who expressed a desire to become disciples lacked the motivation, the means and the maturity to follow Jesus fully. This realization set me on a journey of prayer and study that eventually led to an understanding of the importance of God’s destiny in a persons life.

    As I looked at the limitations of different discipleship programs, I realized that what was needed was a way of helping people grow that was inspiring, personalized and “delight-directed”. The scripture informs us that Jesus was motivated by delight:”…who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross…” (Heb. 12:2b). In the same way, I believe the key to whole-hearted discipleship is to help believers identify the joy set before them, so they can sustain the motivation and means to “take up their crosses and follow” Jesus. This understanding is what eventually gave birth to the “Destiny Finder” approach.

    My prayer in your journey with our Destiny Finder program is that you would discover who you are in Christ, where you are going in life and how you can become the person that God has created you to be. That Destiny Finder could be a tool that would equip you with the necessary means in your discovery process and eventually propel you into your uniquely designed destiny that God has planned for you.